The agonizing tale of a baby being born before their time is told every single day. We hear the silent cries of their families louder and more intense each day. …

Abstract art requires a deeper thought, an inquisitive eye and a curious mind.

It is also called non objective art or nonrepresentational art, painting, sculpture, or graphic art in which the portrayal of things from the visible world plays little or no part. …

Book Rockstar Performers to mesmerize your audience at events and shows!

How can you make your show entertaining?

Can people with disabilities be good entertainers?

A show or an event is dull without lively entertainment. Whether it’s stand up comedy, magic or any other jolly activity, talented artists from such…

Can a paint brush be an instrument for raising awareness?

Which is the space to witness the abilities of Artists with disabilities?

What special could you do for your country this Independence day?

How can you win a mesmerizing canvas to reimagine your house?

The Galleria Mall, Yelahanka together with…

How can a person with intellectual disability cook delicious dishes?

Can a person with muscular dystrophy provide homeopathy aid to kids?

How can a person with physical disability win the ‘Best Entrepreneur’ award from the President of India?

Atypical Advantage is home to a myriad of talents and skills. We…

Offering a multitude of services, we need to make our website more inclusive and accessible for people as we move along. To execute the same, we have divided the platform into five different categories namely Inclusive Hiring, Performing Artists, Service Professionals, Atypical Art and Store.

One Stop Solution for Inclusive…

Breaking the Stereotypes by Finding Success in the Financial world!

Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) have met with stereotypes and discrimination almost each time that they try to explore their abilities and make the most of their skills. This is because people don’t believe in their strengths. …

What if the warning about a natural disaster did not reach you?
What if you were rejected in the interview because the interviewer did not understand you?
What if your corporate communications were not accessible to all your employees?

These may be scary hypothetical situations for you but, this is…

Can people with disabilities be entrepreneurs?

How can they manage their enterprise successfully?

What obstacles do they face while setting up a business?

To encourage the growth and stable income of people with disabilities who have started their own businesses and are self-employed, Atypical Advantage has made a separate category…

Can individuals in college Multi task?

How can enthusiasm triumph experience?

Could you connect as a Team without even meeting once?

Whether it’s Sharon getting talents on board, Aman making presentations and videos or Sakshi striving to get artists and paintings listed on the platform, the consistency and continuous hard…

Atypical Buddy

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